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Once Dr. Cormney studies and measures the xrays and study models, she will sit down with the parent to discuss and show the treatment plan and answer any questions that may have arisen since the initial exam.  In that same appointment we will go over the financial and payment options available. The next step would be the appointment to start treatment.


The adhesive we use to attach your braces to your teeth initially cures quickly, however it will completely cure in 24-hours.  After you leave our office, you can eat anytime.  But please remember to avoid foods that could damage or break your wires and brackets.  Until you get used to eating with your new braces, you may want to follow a soft foods diet.


When you first get your braces, they may feel like they are "sticking out." This is normal. As you get adjusted to your new braces and as tooth alignment improves, this feeling will go away. Even though your brackets were rounded and smoothed out, until the cheek tissues "toughen up," you may place a small piece of dental wax around the bracket to relieve irritation. You may feel soreness the day your braces are placed. Also, your teeth, typically the front teeth, may be tender. Some patients have no discomfort after braces are placed, but most experience soreness during the first eight hours. This discomfort should go away within a week. This can vary for each patient. In the meantime, you may take over-the-counter pain medicines to alleviate discomfort. For maximum effectiveness, you may want to take the medicine before pain starts.


After each appointment, please complete the following steps to minimize discomfort and ensure optimum treatment results.

     1.    Use your tongue and finger to make sure the wire ends are not poking or irritating your
            cheeks or tongue.

     2.    Make sure you understand your orthodontic"homework." This includes avoiding and/or             minimizing foods that could damage your braces, following specific hygiene instructions
            and also wearing your elastics, headgear, expander and other appliances as instructed.

     3.    Be sure you have an adequate amount of bands, cleaning aids, wax and other items
            you may need between visits.  

     4.   Schedule your next appointment to prevent delays in treatment.


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